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LINK: http://www.zebicon.com/

Zebicon has specialized in transforming physical obejcts into digital form in order to make it easy to handle with a computer. By means of high technology equipment for optical scanning, the company is able to digitalize prosthesis components - so-called ”Reverse Engineering”. Zebicon uses a tecnique called ATOS 3D Scanning and TRITOP CMM.

Kasper Fedde Krogh 
Owner and General Manager - Product & Technique

Zebicon a/s
Cargo Centervej 68
7190 Billund

Phone: +45 7650 9152
Fax: +45 7650 9153
E-mail: info@zebicon.com


Abductor-related lateral hip pain in patients older than 30 years
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Hip contractures were associated with low gross motor function in children with cerebral palsy
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No association between femoral or acetabular angles and patient-reported outcomes in patients with femoroacetabular impingement syndrome-results from the HAFAI cohort
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