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The Hip Section

The Hip Section performs advanced hip surgeries on patients living in the county of Aarhus. Additionally, about 1/3 of the patinets are referred from other counties or other countries. Patients from the county of Aarhus and other counties need a referral from the local hospital or from their own doctor.

The Hip Section demands the latest techniques, operational as well as anaesthetically, through a close collaboration with the Anaesthesia Department. The staff focuses on an optimal course for the patient with comprehensive information, controlled anaesthesia with blod saving methods and an effectively forced course after the operation.

The Hip Section does comprehensive experimental and clinical research and has won several international awards for scientific research. The Hip Section collaborates with a number og research laboratories in other countries, among others USA and Holland.

Under "Information for patients" you can read about hip disorders and treatments performed at the Hip Section, e.g. hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, Calvé Legg Perthes, epifysiolysis, telescope examinations and Ganz operation.


Professor Kjeld Søballe
Århus Sygehus
Tage-Hansens Gade 2
8000 Aarhus C

E-mail: kjeld.soeballe@as.aaa.dk
Phone.: +45 8949 7425


Secretary Karen Fousing
Århus Sygehus
Tage-Hansens Gade 2
8000 Århus C

E-mail: karen.fousing@as.aaa.dk
Phone.: +45 89 49 74 20 (telephone hours: 10-12)

The Knee Section

The Knee Section at Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Aarhus University Hospital manages 

  • the treatment of osteoarthritis and other arthritis disorders in the knee 
  • knee prosthesis operations, including the treatment of loose and infected prostheses

The Knee Section is attached to Department E180 at Aarhus University Hospital, Tage-Hansens Gade, entrance 1A on the first floor. The Knee Section receives patients for planned as well as acute treatment of surgical disorders in knees and hips. Department 180 has a large patient flow, and patients with uncomplicated and complicated courses shorter or longer duration are hospitalized. Department 180 commands 20 beds and a number of hotel beds. Patients who are hospitalized at the patient hotel continues to be connected to the section, where they receive treatment and nursing. The Knee Section collaborates with orther knee surgical departments, among others the new region Midt.

In 2006 the Knee Section has undertaken the following projects:

  • bacterial contamination during surgery
  • examination of patients attitude towards consent certificates
  • migration studies of different prostheses
  • examination of local pain management after knee alloplastic 

In addition, the Knee Section has executed two assignments in Research Methology for 9th semester medicine students. The consultants of the department would like to receive applications from doctors and students who are interested in knee surgical research. The Knee Section has made a research catalogue on subjects that are ready to be researched.


Consultant Frank Madsen
Århus Sygehus
Tage-Hansens Gade 2
8000 Århus C

E-mail: frank.madsen@as.aaa.dk
Phone: +45 8949 7416

Consultant Anders Odgaard
Århus Sygehus
Tage-Hansens Gade 2
8000 Århus C

E-mail: andod@as.aaa.dk
Phone: +45 8949 7410

Secretary Hanna Taisbak Christiansen
Århus Sygehus
Tage-Hansens Gade 2
8000 Århus C

E-mail: sek09htc@as.aaa.dk
Phone: +45 8949 7093

The Sports Injury Clinic

The Sports Clinic is part of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Aarhus University Hospital. The Sports Clinic manages:

  • Examination of sports injuris
  • Training counseling and preventive initiatives
  • Utrasound examination and treatment of sinew injuries
  • Arthroscopic examination and surgical treatment of knee injuries
  • The Sports Clinic operates at Aarhus Hospital, Tage-Hansens Gade and at Day Surgical Clinic, Odder Hospital. The specialists of the clinic take care of the functions at the two hospitals.
  • The Sports clinic has published the Annual Report of 2005. Click here to read the report.

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Hip contractures were associated with low gross motor function in children with cerebral palsy
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No association between femoral or acetabular angles and patient-reported outcomes in patients with femoroacetabular impingement syndrome-results from the HAFAI cohort
Kierkegaard S, Rømer L, Lund B, Dalgas U, Søballe K, Mechlenburg I.
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