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Beyra Dabla

E-mail   beyradabla@gmail.com

Camilla Vejlgaard

Ergoterapeut, Stud.cand.scient.san.

E-mail   camilla.vejlgaard2@post.au.dk

Jonas Kristensen

BA Global Nutrition and Health, Stud.cand.scient.san.

Telefon 28762548
E-mail   JonasK90@gmail.com
CV        Jonas_Kristensen.doc

Josefine Beck Larsen

Fysioterapeut, Stud. Cand. Scient. San.

E-mail   josefine.beck.larsen@post.au.dk

Mikkel Oxfeldt

Sport Science, Stud.cand.scient

E-mail   Mikkeloxfeldt@hotmail.com

Signe S. Hviid

Fysioterapeut, Stud.scient.san

E-mail   signe.skovgaard.hviid@post.au.dk

Tine Maria Bonde Christiansen

Sygeplejerske, Stud. Cand. Scient. San

E-mail   tine.maria.bonde.christiansen@post.au.dk
CV        Tine_Maria_Bonde_Christiansen.doc

Sygepleje, Neurorehabilitering.
Trine Brade de Place

Fysioterapeut, Stud. Cand. Scient. San

E-mail   trine.brade.de.place@post.au.dk

Troels Kjeldsen

Kandidatstuderende i idræt

Telefon 60137627
E-mail   troelskjeldsen@hotmail.com
CV        Troels_Kjeldsen.doc

Dalgas Avenue 4
8000 Aarhus C

Physiology of Training

Progressive resistance training in patients with hip dysplasia: A feasibility study.
Mortensen L, Schultz J, Elsner A, Jakobsen SS, Søballe K, Jacobsen JS, Kierkegaard S, Dalgas U, Mechlenburg I.
Effects of supervised exercise compared to non-supervised exercise early after total hip replacement on patient-reported function, pain, health-related quality of life and performance-based function - a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Hansen S, Aaboe J, Mechlenburg I, Overgaard S, Mikkelsen LR.
Association between periacetabular osteotomy and hip dysplasia among relatives: a cross-sectional study.
Simonsen PO, Hertz JM, Søballe K, Mechlenburg I.
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